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Gambling Destinations

If you like to gamble there are some destinations that stands over all others. Destinations such as Las Vegas, Macao and Monte Carlo. There are however a lot of other destinations that offer great gambling and a lot of destinations that although not really gambling destinations can offer you a few nights of gambling while doing other things as well. If you like poker than the best destinations will change from week to week depending on where the largest tournaments are at the moment. Do not forget that there is always online gambling and online poker if the destination that you or your wife has your eyes on do not feature any gambling options.

Las Vegas
las-vegas-1Las Vegas is the first city that come to mind when most people think about gambling and Las Vegas was for a long time the gambling capital of the world, with the biggest gambling turn over in the world. They have now lost that honor to Macau that today is a lot bigger. Las Vegas is however still a destination that should be on all gambling lovers to visit list and it is still the premier gambling destination for most of the worlds gamblers because where Macua is focusing mainly on the high rollers, Las Vegas is trying to create a gambling haven for everyone with tables at every level and lots of other entertainment for family and friends that do not want to play. Where to find the best odds in Las Vegas depends on what game you want to play but generally can be said that slot players do best to leave the strip and head over to the boulder strip.


Macau is the largest gambling city in the world and a lot more money is today being turned over gambling here each year than in any other gambling city in the world including previously mentioned Las Vegas. Macau is a city worth vising for many reasons not just its gambling. It is an modern city that still maintained a lot of Asian mystic. High rollers stand for a very large part of the turn over in Macau and the casinos therefore mainly target high rollers.

montecarloMonte Carlo

Monte Carlo is the capital of the small country of Monaco. The city takes up more or less the entire country. Monaco and Monte Carlo is a jet setters paradise and everything is very expensive here. It is also a popular place for rich Europeans and other nationalities to live as they have not income tax. Although Monte Carlo is not a true gambling town, there is really only one casino, it is still one of the top gambling destinations in the world due to its history and heritage. Monte Carlo is very different from Las Vegas and other casino cities by being more upscale and requiring more of their guest. To not expect to show up in a T shirt and get let in. Formal evening attire it what is appropriate when visiting this casino

Sweden and Norway
In sweden there’s three land based casinos to choose from, Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm, Sundsvall and Malmö. They are all controlled by the swedish government and Svenska Spel. For swedish online casinos we recommend to find one at sverigecasino.com. Norway has a few great online casinos as well, find them at Norsk Casino.

Besides this gambling destinations above there are a lot of other places where people that like to gamble can choose to visit. If you like casino games you can as an example go to Reno or Atlantic city. If you prefer poker you will find very good games in Panama among other places.