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Central America

Central America offer a lot of fantastic vacation destinations just hours away from mainland US. If you leave from southern US you will have a 2-3 hours flight or less to almost any destination in Central America. The area offer fantastic nature, great sandy beaches and some of the best diving in the world. Below you will find an introduction to some of the countries in the area.


Belize is the only English speaking country in central America. Located on the Caribbean coast it offers a lot of romantic resorts in the dense forests as well as some marvelous beach destinations. Belize is one of the most expensive countries in central America to visit. This is largely due to English being the official language one which makes Belize one of the countries that is easiest to travel in. Belize use to be the safest country in central America but crime is unfortunately on the raise. You are still able to feel safe in most areas of Belize and in all resorts. Belize offers great diving.

Costa Rica.

Costa rica is the perhaps most well known travel destination in Central America. Million of tourists from all over the world go here each year to visit the fantastic beaches and see the stunning natural beauty of the country. Costa Rica has no army and a very large percentage of the country is being preserved for the future in the form of environmental preserves. Costa rica knows how important the nature is for their future as a tourist destination. Costa Rica is however unfortunately rather expensive and those on a budget can experience much the same things for a fraction of the cost in neighboring Nicaragua.

nicaraguaNicaragua a country that due to the civil war during the 80s still haven’t become a popular tourist destination. More and more people are however discovering Nicaragua each year and more than a million tourist now visits the country each year. Nicaragua offer much of the same things as Costa Rica but is a lot cheaper and lack big resorts. The country feature colonial cities such as Granada, The oldest city in the new world, as well as fantastic beach destinations such as Las Penitas and San Juan del Sur. Nicaragua is a great choice if you want to be able to have a tropical paradise beach all to yourself.


Honduras is really best looked at as two different destinations. There is mainland Honduras that isn’t very popular among tourist and that has a rather high crime rate. Than there is the Caribbean islands such a Roatan that are fantastic tourist destinations that offer tropical weather, sandy beaches and a save environment. Honduras is also a mecca for all those who enjoy scuba diving. As an example can be mentioned that large amounts of whale sharks can be found here each November.


Guatemala has just like Nicaragua been scared by a civil war and is still today suffering the consequences of that civil war that cost hundreds of thousands of people their life. The country still has a high crime rate and an uncertain political future. There are however a lot to see in Guatemala like Lake Atitlán, the ancient city of Tikal and tropical beaches such as Monterrico.

El Salvador

El salvador is a nice country but is not recommended for most people due to a very high crime rate and the fact that almost everything found here also can be found in the safer neighboring countries.