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Cruises are becoming ever more popular and is a dream to many. The fact that more and more people decide to go on cruises despite the often high prices say a lot about this type of vacationing since there obviously has to be something that make people think they are worth the extra money compared to an ordinary vacation. Some of the benefits of cruise travel that make people willing to pay extra for them are.

  • The love of the ocean and boat rides. A lot of people feel a strong connection to the ocean and feel very tranquil on the ocean.
  • The package deal. When you go on a cruise you do not have to plan anything else. Everything is provided for you and you make land fall according to the route. All you have to focus on is to relax. You are on a boat and not the be disturbed.
  • Large cruise ships provide everything a regular high class resort would provide down to good food, entertainment, pool and games. It is like a resort that takes you to a different place each day. The hotel travels for you so you do not have to.
  • All inclusive. Most cruises are all inclusive (with some things you need to pay extra for) . You do in other words not have to go around keeping money with you and you know right from the start what you total cost of the vacation will be.


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cruiseNow that we know a little about why people choose to pay high prices we should tell you that it often is possible to find cheap cruise deals as well when companies tries to fill vacant cabins. The cheap prices are often for inside cabins or otherwise undesirable locations. If you plan to spend most time out of your cabin this will however not matter.

Lets look at some different types of cruises.

Bahamas cruises.

These are generally short and rather cheap cruises. They are usually just 3 days which makes them perfect for a weekend getaway or when you want to go on a cruise but do not want to spend your entire vacation on a cruise.

River cruises.

River cruises are as the name suggest ran on rivers and can be long or short depending on the river. The price will also vary a lot depending on the type of cruise you want to go on. A river cruise can as an example be something as simple as a dinner cruise on the Sacramento river to something as expensive and extravagant as a Amazon river cruise taking almost a month to complete.

Caribbean cruises

Perhaps the type of cruise most people first think about when they think about cruises. Caribbean cruises can be of varied length and in different price ranges. The Bahamas cruise is a type of short Caribbean cruise. Similar cruises are held in many parts of the world such as the Mediterranean sea and in Asia.

Alaskan cruises

Alaskan cruises are often very expensive and are as the name suggest held in Alaska. This type of cruise allows you to see and experience things that are very different from what you would see on a Caribbean cruise. The cruise ships travels close to land and allow you to see a lot of Alaska rugged beauty and wild life.

Transatlantic cruises

This cruises take you from Europe to the Americas (or the other way around). Where you make port depends on the line. A transatlantic cruise ca be a very nice way to travel across the Atlantic and does not need to be much more expensive than flying. You will however need at least 20 days to go on one of these cruises.